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Cutera Solera Titan

Skin Rejuvenation
The broadband spectrum of 1100 to 1800nm was selected and tailored for ideal water absorption and allows uniform and even heating of the dermis to produce volumetric heating.

Volumetric heating, 1-2 mm deep, is necessary to produce the desired clinical result and requires sustained temperature increase in the dermis. Further, the infrared light-based approach provides uniform consistent heating independent of skin structure, i.e. dermal thickness or fat layers.

  • Advantages of Titan:
    Deep dermal heating with new collagen formation over time
    Precise placement of heat in the dermis with continuous epidermal cooling
    Minimal discomfort during treatment
    No single-use disposables equals lower cost of ownership

  • Can be used on all skin types including tanned skin, Port Wine Stains, Leg Veins, Solar Lentigines, Epidermal Pigmented Lesions, Dermal Pigmented Lesions, Skin Treatments Using Photo rejuvenation

Cutera Solera Titan Aesthetic Laser Machine for sale.

Manuals: Yes

Warranty: Yes

Ownership: Owned

Energy Control: Real-time calibration

All our machines are sold after a FULL service and testing and come with a 90-day warranty.

Cutera Solera Titan

The Solera Platform is a compact, high-powered system which offers practitioners the most popular and fastest-growing aesthetic applications.

The Solera Titan introduces the first infrared light source for sustained, deep volumetric dermal heating. Solera Titan treatments can be performed on the face, neck, abdomen and extremities.

The most researched and peer-reviewed infra-red solution for deep dermal heating of all skin types.

Titan’s light source generates energy from 1100 to 1800 nm for safe and effective volumetric heating of the dermis.

Titan candidates are often patients not yet ready for surgery.

When combined with other non-ablative procedures that improve conditions such as dyschromia, Titan’s toning effect enhances overall results.

FDA Clearance: Cleared for topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature.

Wavelength:  1100-1800 nm
Fluence:  5 to 65 J/cm2
Spot Size:  Titan V: 10 x 15 nm; Titan XL: 10 x 30 nm
Treatment Cycle: 4 to 10 seconds