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Sales & Trade-Ins

We have been providing doctors and aestheticians with high-quality used aesthetic lasers and laser equipment since 1997. We are one of the oldest companies in this market, and we are still here for a good reason – we provide the best service for our clients at the prices that makes our competitors cringe. How do we do it? We cut out the middle men and high overhead costs to bring the savings to you! We buy and service laser equipment directly from physicians and from demo and trade-ins of laser OEMs. We personally inspect every machine that we buy and sell to insure high quality machines get delivered to our customers, and we stand behind our word. We offer 3-month warranty on any used equipment we sell, and also offer option extended warranty for up to a year after you purchase your equipment.

We carry wide selection of aesthetic laser equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry and guarantee that we can meet your company’s needs. You can be assured that every cosmetic laser system we carry meet top performance and reliability requirements for your company. All our cosmetic laser machines offered for sale have undergone a 200 point inspection to ensure they are operating properly to exacting medical standards.

Have you tried buying from our competitors? If not, consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately there are many bad companies out there who advertise for equipment they don’t have in order to take your money and then shop around for an older and often times inferior system. Others just take your money and leave you hanging for months while the crooks disappear or send you broken, old equipment and blame it on everyone else, but themselves.

Our goal is to provide you with the aesthetic laser equipment most suited to the needs of your practice. When deciding to buy a pre-owned aesthetic laser or medical machine, it is important to be fully educated on the various options that meet the needs of the specific clients you serve. We are here to provide advice on what machine will be the best fit.

We service the following Laser Manufacturers:

      • Palomar
      • Candela / Syneron
      • Cutera
      • Hoya
      • Cynosure
      • Lumenis
      • Zimmer
      • Alma
      • Sciton
      • Deka
      • Aesthera / Solta
      • Many others.

Preventative Maintenance (PM):
We also offer preventative maintenance, as it is essential to periodically maintain your medical laser equipment. Often times, when the maintenance schedule is not upheld, there are costly repairs that follow which could have been easily prevented. Daily wear and tear will affect the reliability, safety and effectiveness of all cosmetic laser systems and handpieces. We specialize in annual calibrations and alignments. Don’t avoid getting your yearly preventative maintenance; it will save your practice thousands of dollars. Don’t hesitate to call us today and schedule maintenance visit with one of our highly skilled technicians, just call (305)965-2211 today!

Common Repairs:
Touchscreen Repairs & Replacements, Power Supply Repairs, IPL Testing, Water Flow Errors on Units/Hanpieces, IPL Lamp Replacements, Cosmetic Repairs & Refinishing (Blemishes & Cracks), Lightguide Repairs & Replacements, Crystal & Diode Replacements, Tubing & O-Ring Replacements, Mirror Calibrations, Flash Lamp Replacements, Cooling System Repairs, Computer & Circuit Board