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Refurbished Alma Harmony XL for Sale 

We are offering a fully refurbished pre-owned Alma Harmony XL for sale. The unit has been updated and set to the manufacturer's specification like all our used cosmetic equipment. Owning this product will allow you to offer your clients similar excellent treatments - at a small portion of the initial investment. The refurbished Alma Harmony XL provides both IPL and laser-based treatments fulfilling your patient’s aesthetic needs.


What is Alma Harmony XL?

To begin with, Alma Harmony is an all-around and comprehensive platform. It has unique 8-in-1 laser technology. All its 8 technological components can offer over 60 different beauty laser and IPL treatments - all with incredibly fulfilling outcomes. Alma Harmony uses different handpieces. With these hands, you can provide personalized services that meet the unique needs of your customers. McGuiness (2017) affirms that each client has distinct needs. See below a list of the various treatments you can provide. All you need to do is buy the specific hand that satisfies a particular client (a list of different handpieces is provided below). Notably, as you increase your clientele, you can acquire more and different handpieces to expand your treatment options.


What Treatments can you offer with Alma Harmony XL?

With this expandable and adaptable platform, you can offer the following 11 treatments to your clients:

  1. Acne Treatment
  2. Skin rejuvenation
  3. Pigment restoration
  4. Acne Scar removal
  5. Skin resurfacing
  6. Pigmented and vascular injuries
  7. Reticular veins and leg lesions
  8. Wrinkles treatment
  9. Hair removal
  10. Superficial vascular cuts
  11. Tattoo removal

What are the available handpieces for Alma Harmony XL?

Well, when you buy our refurbished Alma Harmony XL, you have the following 11 alternatives of handpieces:

  1. AFT 420 Acne
  2. Long-pulse Nd: YAG 1064
  3. AFT 515 SVL
  4. Pulsed UV 300-380
  5. NIR ST
  6. Pixel TM & Er: YAG 2940
  7. AFT 540 VP
  8. AFT 570 SR
  9. Long-pulse Nd: YAG 1320
  10. AFT 650 HR
  11. Q-Switched Nd: YAG 1064 & 532

Besides, you can use the following electrical options: 100 -120 VAC, 220 -240 VAC, 5A, or 50/60 Hz

What do you get in return when you buy Refurbished Alma Harmony XL?

When you purchase the Alma Harmony refurbished, it costs you a relatively small investment. With this, you get the added advantage of charging the same or lower prices in the various procedures. As a result, you get a reasonably high return on investment (ROI). It is everyone's goal to provide top-notch services that make the clients exceedingly happy. Scholars Ilias and Shamsudin (2020) argue that doing so helps earn customers' trust and loyalty. A better return on your investment will allow you to invest more in other aspects of your venture.